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Self-hypnosis, here’s how..

Find a quiet place where you can completely relax. Loosen any restrictive clothing and allow yourself to sit or lie in a comfortable position. Tell yourself you will awaken after 10minutes. (or 15 minutes)
Begin by focusing your eyes upward above your line of sight. Take in a long, slow, deep breath. meditationAs you slowly exhale think “relax, relax within”. Another deep breath in and on the exhale repeat to yourself “relax, relax within”. Repeat approximately six more times. Your eyes should start to become fatigued. Close them.
Imagine relaxation beginning in your toes. You may imagine it in the form of a color, such as a soothing aqua blue liquid. Allow that relaxation to spread upwards into your feet and ankles. Allow that feeling of relaxing to spread upward into your shins and calves, knees and hollow of your knees, your thighs and back of your thighs. Allow that relaxation, that soothing liquid to flow up into your abdomen, your chest, heart and lungs. Etc.
Next, imagine yourself in a special place of relaxation. We’ll call it “your place.” It might be lying on a beach on a warm summer day, or relaxing in the country by a peaceful river or stream. You might prefer being in your backyard or garden or even in your home.
Now is the time to give yourself positive suggestions in the form of visualization or in a phrase such as : “Each and every day in every way, I am getting better, better and better.” or “I am calm, relaxed and in control.”
Count yourself up with 1-10 giving suggestions for wellbeing, energy, happiness. If it is your bedtime just drift off to sleep.