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Why Sunscreen in Cool Weather?

Why Sunscreen in Cool Weather?fishing
Even in the autumn and winter months it is important to use sunscreen. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) you are at risk for sun damage. The sun reflection off the snow and water can nearly double the amount of UV rays.
Here are some guidelines from the EPA:
An easy way to tell how much UV exposure you are getting is to look for your shadow:
• If your shadow is taller than you are (in the early morning and late afternoon), your UV exposure is likely to be low.
• If your shadow is shorter than you are (around midday), you are being exposed to high levels of UV radiation. Seek shade and protect your skin and eyes.

The EPA recommends always wearing SPF of 30 or more and applying liberally.outside autumn

Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Health Benefits of Pumpkin
It’s  apumpkinsutumn in the Northeast. Breathtaking fall foliage, neighborhoods readying for Halloween, hay rides and pumpkin patches!
When you stop by the farmers market pick up a pumpkin. Here’s why:
Pumpkin puree contains fiber, iron, vitamin E and A. Stir it into your soups and sauces. Add pumpkin puree to your oatmeal for extra nutrition!

Make sure to eat the seeds as well. Raw seeds! They are packed with nutrients such as
copper, zinc, magnesium, omega 3’s and protein. The high amount of zinc can aid in prostate health.

Pumpkin can reduce inflammation which can lead to cancer, heart disease, arthritis and Type 2 diabetes.

Meditate and Rejuvenate

Just a few minutes, a few deep breathes and you will be feeling refreshed!

Try my technique:

• Find a quiet place where you can completely relax. Allow yourself to sit or lie in a comfortable position. Tell yourself you will awaken refreshed after 10minutes. (5 minutes will work!)
• Begin by focusing your eyes upward above your line of sight. Take in a long, slow, deep breath. As you slowly exhale think “relax, relax within”. Another deep breath in and on the exhale repeat to yourself “relax, relax within”. Repeat approximately six more times. Your eyes should start to become fatigued. Close them.
• You may repeat the phrase quietly to yourself “ I close my eyes and I revive”
• Imagine relaxation beginning in your toes. You may imagine it in the form of a color, such as a soothing aqua blue liquid. Allow that relaxation to spread upwards into your feet and ankles. Allow that feeling of relaxing to spread upward into your shins and calves, knees and hollow of your knees, your thighs and back of your thighs. Allow that relaxation, that soothing liquid to flow up into your abdomen, your chest, heart and lungs. Continue this process throughout your entire body.
• Next, imagine yourself in a special place of relaxation. We’ll call it “your place.” It might be lying on a beach on a warm summer day, or relaxing in the country by a peaceful river or stream. You might prefer being in your backyard or garden or even in your home.
• Count yourself up with 1-10 giving suggestions for well being, energy, happiness.


Cardio Anywhere.. A workout without machines!

Often I hear “It’s so difficult to get to the gym every day. I just don’t have the time.” Here is a workout to do almost anywhere at almost any time! Repeat sequence 3-6 times depending upon your ability. Be sure to use proper form for safety.
Warm up with a 3 minute high knee march
10 Jump Squats (or squats)
10 Pushups
20 Jumping jacks
10 Mountain Climbers
Run in place 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
Do not begin an exercise program without consulting your physician


pocketwatchWhat Can Hypnosis Do For Me?
Whether you would like to give up smoking, lose weight, manage stress, improve your memory or increase confidence, hypnosis can help. Through individual counseling, seminars and workshops, hypnotherapy has helped millions to achieve their highest personal goals.

Hypnosis is approved by the American Medical Association and is the fastest know method of reaching the subconscious which governs over habits and behavioral patterns. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that you have experienced every single day. In just 60 minutes you can control and eliminate a habit permanently. Hypnosis can remove all desire for fattening foods. Hypnosis is one of the safest and most effective ways to stop smoking with no withdrawals and no weight gain.

Using Hypnosis you can build confidence, increase motivation and ease stress. Hypnosis is on one of the most powerful tools we have for gaining access to our full mind. Once you learn how to put your full mind to work for you, your potential is unlimited.

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Flower Power

flowers1Being surrounded by flowers can lift your spirits. Flower absolutely have a positive effect on our mental well being.
According to an article in the Huffington Post by Sally Augustin, researchers found “hospitalized patients with flowers in their room required less postoperative pain medications, had lower blood pressure and were less anxious and tired than patients without plants in their room.”

Why not head to your local farmers market for some “feel good” flower power? Few just a few bucks you can bring home a little bit of happiness!
To feel relaxed choose warmer colors. To energize go for brighter colors.
Article mentioned : The Mental Health Benefits Of Flowers, Huffington Post Blog By Sally Augustin

Get Rid of Your Bat Wings … (Strengthening your triceps)

Many women find this area on the back of the arm less than firmly chiseled! As a fitness trainer, I often here the question “how do I get rid of this?” as they wave their “bat wings”.
Well here is one exercise which can be done almost anywhere.
Tricep Chair Dips.

tricep chair ex
As you can see in the photo, hold the chair as shown. Lower yourself down as low as you can using your triceps, not your legs. Now raise yourself up using same muscles, the triceps. Repeat. Work up to 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. You may need to begin with doing less depending upon your level of strength. Aim for 3 – 4 times per week. Within a few weeks you should begin to see results.

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Salads- Why You Need to Eat More Salads!

Salads- Why You Need to Eat More Salads!


A quick, easy meal; a simple way to get in your fruits and vegetables; and a great healthy dinner, lunch, or even dessert! Salads are an awesome meal, side, or appetizer and can be found on pretty much every menu. They are also convenient to make and cheap as well!

Here are four healthy reasons as to why you should eat more salads:

1. Eat Salads for the Fiber

a high-fiber diet can help lower cholesterol levels and prevent constipation

2. Eat Salads for the Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Many experts agree that Americans need to eat more fruits and vegetables (especially dark green and orange vegetables) and legumes — all popular salad ingredients; nutrient-rich plant foods contribute to overall health. If you frequently eat green salads, you’ll likely have higher blood levels of a host of powerful antioxidants (vitamin C and E, folic acid, lycopene, and alpha- and beta-carotene,) especially if your salad includes some raw vegetables. Antioxidants are substances that help protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals.

3. Eat Salads to Cut Calories and Increase Satisfaction

Studies have shown that eating a low-calorie first course, like a green salad of 150 calories or less, enhances satiety (feelings of fullness) and reduces the total number of calories eaten during the meal. 4.

Salad and vegetables Royalty Free Stock Photography

4. Eat Salads to Get Smart Fats

Eating a little good fat (like the monounsaturated fat found in olive oil, avocado and nuts) with your vegetables appears to help your body absorb protective phytochemicals, like lycopene from tomatoes and lutein from dark green vegetables.

So, next time you’re in the fruit and veggie isle at your local grocery store, grab some ingredients and lettuce and enjoy a nice change- you should never get bored with salads either because there are so many options and recipes out there as well!

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3 Reasons to Do Pushups

pushupp woman3 Reasons to do Pushups
1-You do not need equipment! You can do pushups almost anywhere. If you are just beginning you can do them on your knees or even standing upright pushing against a wall.pushup man
2-Pushups work not only your core, they help strengthen your shoulders, parts of your legs, back and chest.
3-Pushups build confidence. The more you do, the stronger you become. As you get stronger, your muscles become toned and chiseled. As you become more toned and chiseled, you gain self-confidence.

So get started today!!!

Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

What is Mind-Body Fitness?

jackie4What is Mind-Body Fitness?

The ultimate goal is to strive to find a lifelong program of good health through mind and body fitness. To maintain a healthy lifestyle your mind needs to play a key role in carrying out the physical aspects of working out. Your mind needs to motivate your body to want to do the workout and enjoy working out.
Some mind-body fitness workouts include yoga and Pilates. Yoga relaxes the mind and yoga positions develop strength and flexibility physically. Exercise unites your mind and body and reduces stress levels. Maintaining an exercise routine is associated with physical and mental well-being, so sticking with a program will give you the outcome of maintaining your health.