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Hypnosis To Aid Cancer Patients

Hypnosis can help the cancer patient address the symptoms that they are experiencing from their particular type of cancer.  Many times the actual treatment can produce negative symptoms that hypnosis can eliminate or decrease.  It can be used to create and control physical relief and wellbeing throughout and after treatment.

Hypnosis can also help by creating positive expectations of the future.  It can reduce the effects of fear and help the patient attain a state pf mental calmness.

Hypnosis can also help improve the self-healing abilities of the patient.  It can help the patient establish a greater communication exchange between their mind and their body.  Hypnosis is known to reduce stress and tension and thereby increase the effectiveness of treatment and healing.

Listed below is a partial list of areas where hypnosis can help:


The Family


Pain Control

Pre and Post Surgery




Sleep Patterns

Stages of Cancer


Sexual Responses

Weight Loss Memory


I have  worked with many cancer patients to help them with taking control, relieving stress and discomfort in order to receive the most benefit from their treatment.  If I can help you or your family in any way, do not hesitate to contact me.

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